Sell Used Golf Balls To The Internet’s Oldest and Most Trusted Website

Here we hope you will find all your questions answered and be able to seamlessly pack, ship and receive fair payment for all your golf balls. Whether you dive or rake the ponds, walk the rough or have used driving range golf balls to sell we can buy them from you in a simple fashion.

We buy any and all used golf balls and pay according to the condition, brand and age of the balls sent in.

Transportation to Sell Used Golf Balls

We will arrange for a truck to come to your house or place of business. In some cases, you may want to deliver them to a near by trucking terminal to avoid waiting on the truck to show up.

We will advise you of all your options as the process is underway. We will pay all the shipping costs. We will send you a partial payment as soon as the balls arrive, and the balance within 2 weeks in most cases.

We need 10,000 balls at a minimum to get affordable shipping.

Our aim is to have you so satisfied that you will want to continue sending us balls.

How much are they worth?

Naturally you will want to know what we pay or how we determine what the balls are worth. The short answer is anywhere from 2 cents to $1.10 per ball. We can’t give you a definite dollar amount until we wash, whiten and separate the balls out according to the condition, brand and age. The better the balls the bigger the check. It doesn’t hurt to send in the lower grade balls as they are all worth something unless your dog has been chewing on them or the lawn mower chopped it.

When you sell used golf balls make sure you get the most and with us you will.